A very sad goodbye

To everything,there is a season

And a time for every purpose under heaven….

Our time together is over.It is time for us to turn,turn,turn…

Thankyou Mariah,Serenity,Timmy,CharChar,Zara,Ualani,

Skye,MJ,Juan,Ben,Patrick,Caezar and TyTy for being

  • the best Kindy kids in the world.
  • for coming to school everyday
  • for always trying your hardest
  • for listening so carefully
  • for caring for your friends and Miss Forsyth and Miss Rowe


You are all very special and we will miss you so much.Keep that beautiful light of your’s shining in Pre-Primary.Keep coming everyday and learning your sounds and numbers and how to write.Keep all that kindness and goodness you showed us in Kindy C this year close to your heart.

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Miss Rowe and Miss Forsyth




Miss Forsyth

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I  worked with Miss Forsyth for the first time this year and I have loved every minute of it.Miss Forsyth is beautiful on the inside and out.She is kind and thoughtful to both the kids and I.It is very obvious she loves her job,she loves the kids and she loves making a difference.There are so many  times I have appreciated her kindness,her patience  and her support.She is one of those people who sees things for what they are and tackles everything with  such positivity.

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Thankyou for the one million photos you have taken this year. Thankyou for your listening ear and the knowledge you gave to me.Thankyou for giving our kids so much love and caring for each and every one of them.You are such a beautiful role model for them.Thankyou for helping some of them get to school regularly and for bringing all the lovely food to share with us.

Thankyou for all the times you picked up where I left off,sometimes it feels like we share the same brain because you know what I’m thinking or what I was just about to do.If it weren’t for you, our kids wouldn’t have had those amazing scrapbooks.You put so much work into them and I appreciated it.There are so many little things you do which have made our days in Kindy C so rewarding and happy.

If there were a competition for integrity,you would blitz it.

You know when you are around true beauty because your heart opens and you feel you can relax simply because you can trust that person.

Thankyou for being ‘ that person’

I have loved sharing the pod with you,thankyou for being the charming gardener is my life and the lives of the beautiful kids in Kindy C this year.

Love Donna

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P.S Miss Forsyth knows me well.Today when she gave me a present ,she suggested I open it at home because I would cry……Yes I cried,look at this

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Lots of sad goodbyes

Goodbye Mrs Agnew,we loved our hour with you on Thursdays.

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Goodbye Mrs D AKA the wombat wobbler,we can’t wait to wobble with you in Pre-Primary!

today 054

Goodbye Ms Booth,thankyou for making the time to come and see us to say goodbye,you are beautiful!

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Mrs Thomas

Mrs Thomas helped us all today.We have only had this lovely lady for a few weeks in our class but she has fitted in perfectly because she is friendly,kind and helpful! Thankyou Carla,it has been lovely having you in Kindy C.

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